The socio-economic dynamics of the ‘Greater Mediterranean’

DataMED is the main digital repository for socio-economic indicators of the CNR - ISMed. Built on formally recognized international sources, it collects the most up-to-date and accurate data available, including national, regional, and global estimates.
The focus of DataMED is the Greater Mediterranean, a geo-political and geo-economic horizon involving contiguous, yet very disparate, areas of great international importance. Globalization of the economy and the related benefits of belonging to the same producer-consumer chain, have intensified the interdependence of geographically remote countries, which view the sea (and the global flow of goods and energy resources crossing it) as an essential link. On a global basis, DataMED covers the main countries involved in trade with the Mediterranean area.
This database, used in-house by ISMed researchers, aims to meet a growing demand for Mediterranean statistics, providing an up-to-date selection of social, economic, environmental, and energy data. DataMED’s target groups are scholars, analysts, policymakers, but also individuals interested in geo-economic and geo-political analyses.
Different datasets are freely available and can be downloaded from pertinent sections of the portal.
In its current version, the indicators covered are mainly socio-economic and are represented in time series spanning the last 50 years. In addition, an in-depth section has been set up for trade, with summary graphical representations (graphs and maps).
Queries to the database may involve individual countries or aggregations of those selected by ISMed researchers.
These aggregations are economic, political, and geographical.

Salvatore Capasso / Editor in Chief
Institute for Studies on the Mediterranean (Cnr - ISMed)
Giovanni Canitano / Associate Editor
Institute for Studies on the Mediterranean (Cnr - ISMed)
Luca Forte / Associate Editor
Institute for Studies on the Mediterranean (Cnr - ISMed)
Francesco Di Filippo / Software Developer
Institute for Studies on the Mediterranean (Cnr - ISMed)

The ‘Greater Mediterranean’ and its socio-economic clusters

Mediterranean Coutries

Albania, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Cyprus, Algeria, Egypt, Arab Rep., Spain, France, Greece, Croatia, Israel, Italy, Jordan, Lebanon, Libya, Morocco, North Macedonia, Malta, Montenegro, Portugal, West Bank and Gaza, Serbia, Slovenia, Syrian Arab Republic, Tunisia, Turkey

MED - Euro Zone

Cyprus, Spain, France, Greece, Italy, Malta, Portugal, Slovenia

MED – Middle East

United Arab Emirates, Bahrain, Iran Islamic Rep., Iraq, Israel, Jordan, Kuwait, Lebanon, Oman, West Bank , and Gaza, Qatar, Saudi Arabia, Syrian Arab Republic, Turkey, Yemen, Rep.

MED - North Africa

Algeria, Egypt, Arab Rep., Libya, Morocco, Tunisia

MED - Southern Europe

Spain, France, Greece, Italy, Malta, Portugal

MED – Balkans

Albania, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Croatia, North Macedonia, Montenegro, Serbia, Slovenia

Clusters of further monitored contries


Brazil, Russia, India, China, South Africa

Co-operation Council for the Arab States of the Gulf

Bahrain, Kuwait, Oman, Qatar, Saudi Arabia, United Arab Emirates

World Bank definition

Algeria, Bahrain, Djibouti, Egypt, Arab Rep., Iran, Islamic Rep., Iraq, Jordan, Kuwait, Lebanon, Libya, Morocco, Oman, Qatar, Saudi Arabia, Syrian Arab Republic, Tunisia, United Arab Emirates, West Bank and Gaza, Yemen, Rep.


Germany, United Kingdom, Japan, United States